Week 9 (Last Week)
Monday, June 8
Summer is almost here! In this activity, we will write goals for summer and next school year. Have fun setting goals!

Tuesday, June 9

Now that you're about to start your summer, in this activity you can check out some ideas on things you can do over the summer.

Week 8
Monday, June 1
Let's recapture what 7th grade by sharing our favorite memories this school year. On this activity you will be able to describe, share and express the awesome things about 7th grade! Remember to type your name and submit.

Tuesday, June 2
Take a moment to think of those special friends or teachers that helped you get through a tough day. In today's activity, let's write them a letter to let them know how special they are and let's share some advice to rising 7th graders. 

Week 7
Monday, May 25
Memorial Day - Holiday

Tuesday, May 26
On this Nearpod, learn about Memorial Day, take a tour, and share ideas on how we can honor this holiday.

Week 6
Monday, May 18
Let's have some fun this week practicing synonyms. Challenge yourself with these review games: Kahoot, Quizizz, and Gimkit

You are welcome to check these additional Language Arts review games.

Tuesday, May 19

Enjoy reviewing antonyms and more with the following review games: Kahoot and Quizizz

Week 5
Monday, May 11
Dinner Party Part 2 is here! Today we're creating the invitation for your party. Have fun crafting!

If you're not participating on the Dinner Party, have some fun reviewing adjectives and adverbs on Quizizz

Tuesday, May 12
Create your menu for the Dinner Party! Enjoy choosing which savory foods to have on your menu for your guests. 

If you're not participating on the Dinner Party, you are more than welcome to challenge your grammar skills playing Kahoot.

Week 4
Monday, May 4
Here's an invitation to create your own Dinner Party! We will be breaking down the steps to create a dinner party within the next two weeks. At the end of this project you will be able to share your Dinner Party with Mr. Beatty and Ms. Rodriguez on a Zoom. 

If you rather skip the dinner party, you are welcome to review Fact and Opinion on Flocabulary and Nearpod

Tuesday, May 5
Join us on Zoom! Please, type in your first name when you join. We are excited to see you! 

Zoom at 11:15 
Meeting ID: 513 085 7562 
Password: Room44

(Zoom link will be taken down after meeting, review zoom class expectations)

Dinner Party Day 2:
If you're participating in the Dinner Party Activity, here is the plan for day 2

Not doing the Dinner Party? You can practice how to write an invitation letter in Quizizz. Have fun!

Week 3
Monday, April 27 
You are welcome to review the different types of conflicts in a story and do a quick writing activity. On page eight of "What We've Learned", you can find a quick reference to the types of conflict. Remember to type your name when you join the Nearpod Activity.

Tuesday, April 28
If you want to test how well you know the types of conflict, read this Folk Tale and see if you can identify the types of conflict and the theme. Type in your name and have fun! 

Week 2
Monday, April 20
On our "What We've Learned" document, you can review the five story elements (page 4). On today's Nearpod activity you will get a quick refresh of the elements, read a short story, and answer some questions that will help you think of the elements in the story. Make sure you enter your name when joining Nearpod. Enjoy the story!

Tuesday, April 21
On page three of our "What We've Learned" document, there are multiple references to refresh how we did our thinking after reading any text. You will be reading a Fish Poem. Then you will compare and contrast The Fish Story from yesterday and today's poem. Click here to go to the activity. Make sure you type your name when you join.

Week 1
Tuesday, April 14
You will be doing a Nearpod activity in which you will read a short story (The Fun They Had), take a short quiz, and share your opinion on the story.