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 At Home Learning Schedule 
(Math 8 Monday and Tuesdays)
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This Week's Review Lessons
(6/08 - 6/12)
Last Week of School


Monday, June 8th: Year End Review

Math Instruction
(8:15 am- 9:00 am)

1.)  Test You Knowledge by Completing the Math 8 SOL Disney Escape Roomhttps://forms.gle/EPCqFjpNnZUhtfZJ8

Math Office Hour
Email questions about the above activities!


Tuesday, June 9th:Year End Review

Math Instruction
(8:15 am- 9:00 am)

1.) Did you do Monday's SOL Escape Room? Great, that's the only lesson this week. Join us for our last Zoom Meeting @ 9:00 am.

ZOOM: "It's So Hard To Say Good-Bye" Farewell Meeting
(9:00 am - 9:45 am)

Join us for our last ZOOM meeting. Come and hangout with your Math 8 teachers and classmates one last time. We'll be here to chat, hangout, share summer plans, answer questions, or do a random game!

SHOUTOUT to Mr. Brien's Class for Winning Last Week's Review Game!

ZOOM invite below:
Meeting ID: 966 550 9602
Password: 219072

Additional Unit Review (Extra Practice)

1.) Check out "Unit Review Lessons" tab to work on activities you've missed!